A Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Wavelet Envelope Spectrum Based on Full Vector Spectrum Technology


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Wavelet envelope demodulation method can distinguish the fault information from complex bearing vibration signal. However, traditional signal analysis method, which is solely based on a single source data, is imperfect. In this paper, an approach to wavelet packet and envelope analysis based on full vector spectrum technology was proposed. Firstly, two different data from the same source were respectively decomposed and recomposed by wavelet packet transform. Then, in order to improve the accuracy of detecting fault, the recomposed signals were merged by using the full vector spectrum method. Compared to the traditional signal analysis method, the advantage of the new method is presented by showing their application to bearings. Finally, results from the bearing vibration signal analysis show that the new approach is more effective because of its inheritance and all-sided feature.



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Yonghong Tan




X. Y. Gong et al., "A Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Wavelet Envelope Spectrum Based on Full Vector Spectrum Technology", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 190-191, pp. 873-879, 2012

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July 2012




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