A Refactoring Framework of Program Model Based on Procedure Blueprint


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Refactoring has been studied for a long time, especially model refactoring has become the hot spot of research in recent years. However, the difference between source-based refactoring and model-based refactoring makes it hard to keep consistent between the target code and model refactoring operations. To resolve the problem, this paper presents a refactoring framework of program model based on Procedure Blueprint and gives the prototyping tool system of program model refactoring. Through seamless connection source code established by procedure blueprint to program model,the formalized framework unified the refactoring of source-based and program model based. The refactoring framework supports the visualization representation of program model and the validation for behavior preservation of graphics transformation, which reduces the complexity of refactoring analysis and software maintenance costs.



Edited by:

J.Y. Liang and P.X. Wu




X. Y. Mei and J. B. Liu, "A Refactoring Framework of Program Model Based on Procedure Blueprint", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 198-199, pp. 490-494, 2012

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September 2012




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