Simulation on Combustion Characteristics and External Characteristics of the Linear Engine System


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A simulation model of the linear engine system is built in this paper. The cylinder pressure data obtained through engine experiments is used to validate the accuracy of the simulation model. Based on the model, the combustion characteristics and external characteristics of the linear engine system were studied. And the maximization model is used to find an optimum operating region of the linear engine. The results show that, as the air fuel ratio(AFR) decreases under a steady engine speed, both the cylinder pressure and brake power increase first and then decrease, reaching their peak value when the AFR is 12. Under this AFR, the maximum brake power is 16.83kW at 6500rpm. Meanwhile, the fuel economy and the power performance reach the optimum combination within 5200rpm and 6500rpm.



Edited by:

J.Y. Liang and P.X. Wu




Z. L. Yin et al., "Simulation on Combustion Characteristics and External Characteristics of the Linear Engine System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 198-199, pp. 958-961, 2012

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September 2012




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