Fast Public Key Cryptosystem Based Blind Signature Scheme


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Compared with symmetric cryptosystem, asymmetric cryptosystem has much superiority in many application cases. Yet, the computation in a public key cryptosystem is much more complex than symmetric cryptosystem. In the paper, we applied HCC (Hyper-elliptic Curves Cryptosystem) as a typical fast public key cryptosystem into the designing of efficient blind signature scheme and presented an improved blind signature with fast cryptography algorithms. By utilizing probabilistic blinding algorithm, the scheme renders effective protection for the secrecy of original user, the signature generator or outer adversaries can not attack the secret message via the blinded information with effective polynomial algorithms. The scheme avoids the relevance between different signatures and interim parameters from the same original user, thus it effectively prevents signature forgery and replay attack. As security analysis for the scheme, we presented similar blind signature without relevant improving algorithms based on discrete logarithm cryptosystem. The analysis and comparison with other schemes both justify the security, reliability and high efficiency of the improved blind signature scheme regarding software and hardware application environment.



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Qi Luo






X. W. Zhou "Fast Public Key Cryptosystem Based Blind Signature Scheme", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 20-23, pp. 505-511, 2010

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January 2010





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