An Improved Resource Management Method in Mobile Wireless Communications


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The increasing use of wireless communications in mobile devices starts a new level of resource management. Users with mobile devices accessing wireless hot spots are a commonplace, and, thus, their management is becoming more important. Therefore, efficient utilization of radio resource becomes a key point in the design of broadband systems. From the view of the development of radio resource management, current technologies have quite good performance and high efficiency when the category of service is single. However, when multiple services take place simultaneously, the system has to emphasize on some certain kinds of services and degrade the performance of others. Moreover, the wireless network is not able to detect collision and monitor the channel status as is the wire line network, which makes it more difficult to design the management scheme. This paper introduces and analyzes current main technologies of radio resource management, discusses the key technical points on designing the scheme, and then offers a new proposal of uplink radio resource allocation scheme in broadband systems. Based on the detailed illustration of the algorithm, a simulation system is established to verify it, which is adapted to the typical situation of broadband wireless communication systems. The theory analysis and the simulation results show that the new method successfully resolves the uplink bandwidth allocation problem for the simultaneous multiple services, satisfies the different requirements of delay and bandwidth of different services, and also reduces the protocol wasting and transmission delay.



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Qi Luo






G. Y. Lin et al., "An Improved Resource Management Method in Mobile Wireless Communications", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 20-23, pp. 872-877, 2010

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January 2010




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