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Authors: Li Feng Wu, Z. Peng, Qing Wen Yan, Wei Zhang, Fu Xue Zhang
Abstract:In order to detect the rolling、pitch and yaw angle of high-speed-spin vehicle, a novel attitude sensor system is designed by using a digital...
Authors: Qi Feng Zhao, Fu Xue Zhang, Wei Zhang, Ping Yue
Abstract:With the micromachining technology, two perpendicular cavities are formed on a silicon substrate, and two thermistors whose resistances are...
Authors: Qing Wen Yan, Fu Xue Zhang, Li Feng Wu, Cheng Xiang Sun
Abstract:We report a silicon micro-machined gyroscope without the driven conformation. The output signal of the gyroscope contains the rolling,...
Authors: Cheng Xiang Sun, Yang Meng Tian, Qing Wen Yan, Lu Wei SUN, Fu Xue Zhang
Abstract:The structure and principle of silicon micro-machined gyroscope used for rotating carrier is introduced. The dynamic equations of axially...
Authors: Da Wei Liu, Xiang Bei Ye
Abstract:Supply Chain Management (SCM) in today’s global environment, especially the E-commerce is crutial to create significant competition...
Authors: Da Wei Liu, Hong Bin Liu
Abstract:Traditionally, Models of IT manufacturing process planning and scheduling were carried out in a sequential way, where scheduling was done...
Authors: Fu Xue Zhang, Qing Wen Yan, Li Feng Wu
Abstract:A silicon micro-machined gyroscope without the driven conformation is introduced. The structure of the silicon micro-machined gyroscope are...
Authors: Qi Feng Wang
Abstract:Green manufacturing (GM) is a sustainable manufacturing mode which comprehensive considers the environmental impact and resource consumption....
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