Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Hua Xiao Liu, Ying Jin

Abstract: Model Carrying Code(MCC) provides a way to safe execution of untrusted code by taking both mobile code producer and consumers into...

Authors: Xue Qing Ji

Abstract: From several basic frameworks wireless network system, a new type of system framework was designed. Its conformation of optics system and...

Authors: Ke Fan Xie, Qian Wu, Yun Chen

Abstract: Developing modern logistics is a vital road for realizing successful manufacturing enterprises. This paper analyzes three principles of...

Authors: Shan Shan Zhang, Chang An Zhu, Jing Shu Wang, Li Ting Sun

Abstract: Based on data from internet, investigation was conducted to verify the relationship between the ratio of fake parts and the number of...

Authors: Ou Yang Yi

Abstract: This video image of static background frame and deduction, the pixel, pixels for sports change monitoring and static pixels. By combining...

Authors: Wen Huan Chien, Li Chen, Chih Chiang Wei, Hsun Hsin Hsu, Tai Sheng Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a back-propagated network (BPN) and applies it to estimate the slump flow of high-performance concrete (HPC). HPC is a...

Authors: Fan Wang, Guo Zhen Tan, Chao Deng

Abstract: Accurate traffic flow forecasting is crucial to the development of intelligent transportation systems and advanced traveler information...

Authors: Yuan Quan Shi, Tao Li, Wen Chen, Rui Rui Zhang

Abstract: To effectively prevent large-scale network security attacks, a novel Predication Approach for Network Security Situation inspired by...

Authors: Chun Mei Zong, Hong Bin Wang, Xue Juan Du

Abstract: The paper first displays the feature of food, then points out the significance of putting into practice the Customer Relationship...

Authors: Xiao Hua Zou

Abstract: It is proposed to get the fundamental theory of intelligent information processing with combining natural language understanding and...


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