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Authors: Lei Chen, Fei Liu
Abstract:The biochemical processes are usually described as seriously time varying and nonlinear dynamic systems. It is very costly and difficult to...
Authors: Ze Feng Chen, Hai Cheng Yang, Rong Mo, Hui Bin Sun
Abstract:This paper studies multi-disciplinary knowledge integration technologies for aero-engine design process. The characteristics of the...
Authors: Zhang Ning
Abstract:In the paper, we introduce the new signal processing method HHT into the option price. HHT method is used to simulation and computing the...
Authors: Xiong Jun Fu, Min Wang, Cai Wang, Mei Guo Gao
Abstract:Information extraction for space objects based on narrowband radars is still a hot spot in the field of automatic target recognition. The...
Authors: Ning Hui Zhou, Xiao Liu Shen, Cheng Qiang Wang
Abstract:With the expanding of economic development and social demand of electricity, the issue of electricity behavior trust becomes into one of the...
Authors: Mo Yu Wang, Jie Chen, Xiao Liu Shen, Gui Lin Yu
Abstract:With the increasing risk in electric power bureaus, warning risk of enterprise operating ability in advance is an important work. However it...
Authors: Jin Liang Bai, Rong Gang Wu, Jun Ling Wang, Yong Bin Hong
Abstract:A method of parameters estimation of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar based on combination algorithm of STFT and FRFT is proposed in this...
Authors: Wei Gong Zhang, Bo Yang, Rui Ding, Yong Qin Hu
Abstract:This paper presents a new type of high-speed error correction for the requirements of new high-Speed Bus. Use RS (255, 239). Not only...
Authors: Ming Meng, Dong Xiao Niu, Wei Sun, Wei Shang
Abstract:Monthly electric energy demand forecasting plays an important role for the running of power system. China has two tow calendars and they...
Authors: Jie Min Zhao
Abstract:An instability result of multimedia Systems is given by means of the analysis and computing method.
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