Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Xiang Li, Yue Shun He, Xuan Zhan, Feng Yu Liu

Abstract: Direction transform; image fusion; infrared images; fusion rule; anisotropic Abstract Based on analysing the feature of infrared and the...

Authors: Zheng Chen, Xiao Jing Wang

Abstract: We provide a prototype system for a distributed storage model, the goal of this system is to store information in a p2p network of n nodes,...

Authors: Yi Fan Liu, Shun Cheng, Lun Qiang Chen

Abstract: The control system of a vision-based positioning cutting machine of cutting molding for micro chip components has been designed in this...

Authors: Yong Quan Zhou, Lingzi Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a novel chaotic cultural-based particle swarm optimization algorithm (CCPSO) is proposed for constrained optimization...

Authors: Jin Tao Wang, Yong Quan Lu, Chu Qiu, Peng Dong Gao, Jie Fu, Wen Hua Yu

Abstract: The emerging coding standard H.264 is mainly intended for video transmission in many areas. Considering the peculiarity of blocking...

Authors: Hai Lian Gui, Qing Xue Huang

Abstract: Based on fast multipole boundary element method (FM-BEM) and mixed variational inequality, a new numerical method named mixed fast multipole...

Authors: Shan Ding, Yixin Yin, Wei Huang, Jie Dong, Xue Ming Ma

Abstract: A temperature model of the electrical heating furnace which is commonly used in industry is built by means of Elman neural network combined...

Authors: Chuan Xu Wang

Abstract: The theory of the conditional value-at-risk (CVaR) in financial risk management is considered in this paper to develop a model of supply...

Authors: Lian Ye, Jing Chen, Yong Kang Xing

Abstract: DNA sequence design is the basic and important step for DNA computing. Good codeword could avoid some error may possibly occurred in...

Authors: Li Dong Huang, Gang Xue, Xiang Lin He, Hong Lin Zhuang

Abstract: Trust relationship between peers must to be established in P2P systems. But current trust models have some flaw in computing peer’s trust...


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