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Authors: Liang Chun Li, Gang Huang
Abstract: Analyzed the ameliorative landing cushion airbag’s structure and cushion theory based on precision airdrop. Built its physics model and mathematics model using thermodynamics and engineering mechanics methods. Established the correlativity of the structural parameters. And then, validate the cushioning effect of the ameliorative airbag by computing the example. Summarized the analyzing and computing theories which to reduce the acceleration peak-value by ameliorating the structure of airbag, which offered a new route and theoretical basis for improving the precision airdrop security of dangerous and frangible goods.
Authors: Ying Hong Zhou, Bang Qi Zhong, Ren Hong Guo
Abstract: Using the multiple linear regression model, we analyzed the test results on thousands batches of corrugated boxes samples to seek the relation between compression strength and a series of affecting variables such as bursting strength, edgewise crush strength Puncture resistance, ply adhesive strength, etc. And based on the non-linear regression model results, we discovered the relation between compression strength and other independent variables is more closed to a power function relation. We made the logarithm transformation on best fitted non-linear regression model to establish the predictive formula for the compression strength. To test how well our formula to predict the compression strength based all other factors, we randomly selected several batches lab tested samples both from Guangdong and Hunan Lab, and compared the real test results to the predicted values of our formula and of the traditional formulas such as Kellicutt, Makee and Wolf formula. We found the predicted values of our model are closer to the real tested value than the predicted values of the other three formulas.
Authors: Guang Jun Hua, Yong Xie, Peng Tian, Ming Wang
Abstract: Based on the research on application and design method of combination cushion, the equivalent cushioning coefficient formula of overlay combination cushion made by different cushioning material were derived, and the relevant cushion design method was proposed. The work provides a theory basis for the combination cushion design. The equivalent cushioning coefficient formula can be used conveniently as it is expressed by the material’s property parameters. The research can help to play the advantages of different materials, promote the integrated use of different materials, and carry out economic packaging, green packaging ultimately.
Authors: Yun Xiang Huang, Ke Tian Li, Zhe Hao Tan
Abstract: Painting is one of the most important processes in decorating industrial product. But the vacuum container is the key of vacuum painting equipment. This paper analyzes the principle of dismountable vacuum container’s structure and establishes its basic physical model and simulates its environment load by the finite element software, then analyzes the important component and obtains the index of reliability and safety of dismountable vacuum container. According to the classic theory of elastic thin plate, the accuracy of the results of finite element analysis is proved. Then the further optimization design and the further finite element analysis are utilized to optimize the important component of vacuum container, finally the results meet the requirements.
Authors: Guo Qiang Zhang, Yu Fang Du, Xing Zhou Li, Xian Xiang Che
Abstract: Compression simulation of package in ANSYS software will find design defects. Based on the simulation results, DOE(Design Exploration Module) generates the optimization design in accordance with the response surface analysis. The packaging cushion foams size parametric design and multi-objective optimization were carried out. Optimal design points were obtained. The foams size parameters were generated by Goal Driven Optimization. The new cushion model parameters will be adjusted automatically according to optimization results. The compression simulation of the new design model was performed to identify the reliability.
Authors: Jian Dong Lu, Wen Cai Xu, Gai Mei Zhang
Abstract: Gasbag packaging is a novel cushioning packaging solution with advantages of low price and reusable practicality. Dynamic cushioning performance is one of the important properties to evaluate the gasbag packaging as buffer packaging material. In this work, the internal pressure change of the gasbags was studied theoretically in the dynamic process. Also, three kinds of cushioning packaging including honeycomb paperboard, EPS buffer material and gasbag packaging were experimentally investigated. By comparing the dynamic cushioning curves, the dynamic cushioning performance of three packaging solutions were analyzed. Hence, a new dynamic cushioning design method of gasbag packaging was proposed according to the above theoretical and experimental results.
Authors: Zheng Jun Li
Abstract: In the background of low-carbon economy, the logistics activities call for low- carbon and green. However, the way of low-carbon logistics is difficult in China, because it is subject to a number of reasons that China's logistics industry goes low-carbon development road, including the concept behind, hysteresis of guidance and management policy, the extensive mode of the industry development, the logistics facilities and equipment behind, no enough collaborative management in logistics and other industries together, and so on. The packaging is the basis of logistics activities; it can promote the realization of the low-carbon logistics to develop environmental packaging. There are two ways that environmental packaging plays a catalytic role of low-carbon logistics: First, the reduction of packaging materials and R&D and application of green packaging materials; second, the green and environmental protection in the design and application of packaging mode. Final, the unity of logistics and packaging is tried hard to achieve.
Authors: Yan Feng Guo, Jin Li Hou, Xian Ping Ma, Wen Cai Xu
Abstract: In this research work the moulded pulp of inexpensive and environmental-friendly advantages over plastic foams, excellent machining technique is applied into the transport packaging of electron gun. Firstly, three packaging protection models of moulded pulp (one layer, two layers, and three layers) on electron gun are developed on account of the structural characteristics of electron gun, which have the advantages of compact structure with placement, orientation and fixation, favorable stability, count, and dustproof function for electron gun. Secondly, the package cushioning and vibration-proof performances of these packaging protection models are respectively studied by six groups of drop shock experiments and sine vibration tests of comparison. All results show that, the three packaging protection models of moulded pulp have favorable packaging function, and can provide effective protection for the products of electron gun during storage and transportation.
Authors: Li Shu Wang
Abstract: This article design 4 models with a certain standard of one-time wooden pallets and a legitimate way of supporting pallet packaging logistic to solve the problem of lowing in pallet standardization, lack of intensity in some pallet and unreasonable packages in pallet packaging which lead to work at low efficiency and make high rate in damaging gods. The models would improve the pallet in order to adjust different loading weight, rise loading and reloading efficiency and stacking efficiency of finished products, decline the damage rate in transportation, save materials in parts packaging, decline error rate in the number of shipping and receiving gods.

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