Effect of an Antimicrobial Packaging on Postharvest Quality of Sweet Cherry


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Sweet cherry shows a limited storage time mainly due to incidence of decay and a fast loss of sensory quality of the fruit. Sweet cherries may be damaged seriously by fungal pathogens for a long storage period. For the control of postharvest diseases, the use of chemicals as fungicides has been applied to sweet cherries. In this paper, a kind of antimicrobial packaging, based on our patent , which can release SO2 fungicide has been used as postharvest treatment to protect the sweet cherry quality. Cherries quality during storage was determined, and results suggest that SO2 fungicide packaging showed benefits in terms of lower weight loss, lower Superscript textdecay rate and maintenance of fruit firmness compared with the control one.



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Dechang Xi, Guoqiang Cai, Zhenlin Wang and De Gao




X. M. Yu et al., "Effect of an Antimicrobial Packaging on Postharvest Quality of Sweet Cherry", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 200, pp. 249-253, 2012

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October 2012




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