Analysis on Void Beneath Curling Slab in Rigid Base Cement Concrete Pavement and Fatigue Life Prediction


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The damages in two rigid base cement concrete pavement were investigated. The data analysis suggests that the void beneath curling slab resulting from the temperature gradient changing leads to pavement damages. With the benefit of the pavement curling structure numerical model established in this article, the void changing law beneath curling slab and loading stress were analyzed. The loading stress level increases dramatically due to void occurring beneath curling slab. The calculation method of loading stress in the curling slab was given. The fatigue life analysis further reveals that the void beneath curling slab caused by temperature gradient changes is the fundamental reason for the decreasing of the service life of cement concrete pavement. The service life of investigating section were predicted and analyzed according to the fatigue life prediction model established in this article and the survey data.



Edited by:

Weijun Yang and Qiusheng Li




Q. Zhang et al., "Analysis on Void Beneath Curling Slab in Rigid Base Cement Concrete Pavement and Fatigue Life Prediction", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 204-208, pp. 1782-1788, 2012

Online since:

October 2012




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