Vertical Load Mechanism Analysis and Experimental Research on Super-Long PHC Pipe Pile in Soft Clay


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Pile foundation design has gradually used the super-long pile structure form with the port and offshore engineering construction developing towards to the direction of large-scale, deepwater, and coast geological becomes more complex, bearing stratum becomes more deeper. PHC pile is the first choice of pile foundation design form, just because it has many advantages. The former researches of pile vertical load mainly on limit bearing capacity, the calculation is reasonable for short pile and middle long pile, however, it is not reasonable for super-long pile, pile body side and tip resistance can not reach the limit when structure is to limit. This paper puts forward the calculation model of super-long PHC pile vertical load in soft clay based on vertical load mechanism analysis and experimental research on the foundation pile, and the calculated and test value coincide preferably.



Edited by:

Weijun Yang and Qiusheng Li




L. J. Zhou et al., "Vertical Load Mechanism Analysis and Experimental Research on Super-Long PHC Pipe Pile in Soft Clay", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 204-208, pp. 471-478, 2012

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October 2012




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