Experimental Study on Muddy Water Delivery for Irrigation in Low-Pressure Pipeline System


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Abstract. Non-depositing critical velocity is an important parameter in project design for low pressure pipeline irrigation system. By using indoor experimental system of water pipeline conveyance, the non-depositing critical velocity with different sediment content has been researched. The results show that the non-depositing critical velocity increases with the increasing of sediment content, but it does not increase substantially with the increasing of sediment content. The empirical formula of non-depositing critical velocity has been drawn, and close agreement between the empirical formula and the measured data exists with a correlation coefficient R2=0.95, which can provide the basic theoretic reference to prevent pipe from being clogged in channel irrigation area.



Edited by:

Changbo Jiang and Zhaohui Joey Yang




Q. L. Zong et al., "Experimental Study on Muddy Water Delivery for Irrigation in Low-Pressure Pipeline System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 212-213, pp. 586-589, 2012

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October 2012




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