Multi-Objective Optimization of a Large-Span Wing Analog Beam with Variable Cross-Sections


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Aiming at the difficulty with structure and parameter design for a wing analog beam under a large deformation condition, a large-span cantilever truss model with Pro/e is designed. Then a mathematical model of the wing beam based on the Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm is proposed. Thereby the sizing optimization and shape optimization for the wing analog beam are conducted with the finite element analysis and meanwhile two main objectives minimizing the maximum von Mises stress and the mean-square error of the deformation displacement curve fitting are satisfied. A Pareto optimal solution aggregate is obtained after the optimization. Finally an optimal structure is concluded via the multi-objective optimization design, which improves the curve fitting accuracy of the wing and satisfies the stress strength requirement as well.



Edited by:

Quan Yang, Xiaozhong Du, Xingzhong Zhang, Xiaochen Wang and Fei He




K. Li et al., "Multi-Objective Optimization of a Large-Span Wing Analog Beam with Variable Cross-Sections", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 215-216, pp. 735-740, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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