Processing of Grinder Plate with Bone Chips Removal Facilities Based on CAD/CAM


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Rotary meat grinders with bone chip removal facilities are advanced meat mincing machinery, characterized by undesirable hard-particle separation from ground meat during grinding operations. The grinder plate with an involute spiral groove to facilitate removal of hard particles is developed. The perforated plate with bone chips removal facilities has a unique design including catcher groove, bone-collection chamber and bone-removal passage. Its 3D modeling in Pro/E software, machining process planning, milling path optimization, simulation based on MasterCAM and compiling post program were introduced and verified. The results indicated that adoption of CAD/CAM offers firms the potential to pursue new innovative strategies.



Edited by:

Xianghua Liu, Zhenhua Bai, Yuanhua Shuang, Cunlong Zhou and Jian Shao




S. L. Li and X. F. Zhao, "Processing of Grinder Plate with Bone Chips Removal Facilities Based on CAD/CAM", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 217-219, pp. 1831-1834, 2012

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November 2012




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