The Conversion of ArcGIS Raster Data to Flac3d Brick Hexahedral Grid Data Based on ArcEngine


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Based on VB.NET and ArcEngine, this paper aims at achieving the conversion of ArcGIS raster data to FLAC3D hexahedral grid data. On the analysis of the formats of ArcGIS raster data and FLAC3D hexahedral grid data, a conversion program is prepared and the former is converted to the latter, at last an application example is given. The result shows that this method can not only achieve three-dimensional geological model quickly but also simulate the real terrain. Thus providing a new method for three-dimensional geological modeling and the pretreatment of FLAC3D is simplified.



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Jing Guo




W. S. Li and X. D. Ni, "The Conversion of ArcGIS Raster Data to Flac3d Brick Hexahedral Grid Data Based on ArcEngine", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 224, pp. 455-459, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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