Design and Research of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Geotechnical Centrifuge


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With some increase in capacity, load and runtime, running safety of geotechnical centrifuge becomes more and more grim. General layout and structure of geotechnical centrifuge are introduced. Main fault and fault components of geotechnical centrifuge are analyzed. A new distributed equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis network system based on RS485 field bus and industrial Ethernet is designed. Key technologies of this system are researched. Real-time signals of vibration, temperature and strain can be synchronously collected and processed. The application of this system can provide a reliable basis for running safety and maintenance timely of centrifuge.



Edited by:

Jing Guo




X. Y. Li et al., "Design and Research of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Geotechnical Centrifuge", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 224, pp. 460-465, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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