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Authors: Shao Hua Luo, Zhi Ling Wen, Zhao Qin Liu
Abstract: In this paper, a stable adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller is developed for a class of MIMO nonlinear systems. Fuzzy logic system is designed to estimate the unknown function. Parameter adaptive laws and robustifying control terms are derived based on Lyapunov theory, and boudedness of signals in the closed-loop system can be guaranteed. The proposed controllers were used in trajectory control of right arm of dual arm robot. The results indicate that the proposed controller has satisfying tracking performance with robust characteristics.
Authors: Fei Li, Yuan Yuan Wang
Abstract: Abstract: In order to solve the easily copied problem of images in face recognition software, an algorithm combining the image feature with digital watermark is presented in this paper. As watermark information, image feature of the adjacent blocks are embedded to the face image. And primitive face images are not needed when recovering the watermark. So face image integrity can be well confirmed, and the algorithm can detect whether the face image is the original one and identify whether the face image is attacked by malicious aim-such as tampering, replacing or illegally adding. Experimental results show that the algorithm with good invisibility and excellent robustness has no interference on face recognition rate, and it can position the specific tampered location of human face image.
Authors: Hong Sheng Hu, Jian Cao
Abstract: This paper was based on the innovation mode of application excellence engineer’s education, and a new talent cultivation mode was explored for local university’s application excellence engineer in order to be adapting to regional economic and social needs and the development of characteristic industries, and highlight its professional characteristics. In this paper, engineering knowledge, engineering quality, engineering ability, teamwork spirit and professional ethics training were selected to construct as the main thread. Besides, 3+1 university-enterprise cooperation talent cultivation system, a new talent cultivation project based on course platform, skill platform and comprehensive quality platform and a three-stage multi-level experimental and practical teaching system were all researched, which would provide some valuable examples of the applied innovative talent’s cultivation for local university during the regional advantage characteristic industry transformation and upgrading and the development of strategic emerging industries.
Authors: Huai Long Wang, Qiang Pan, Hong Liu
Abstract: In order to improve the speed and the rate of fault diagnosis in mixed circuit, this paper introduces a new fault diagnosis method. Through extracting fault features of current characteristics effectively and applying to Improved SVM, the ability of pattern recognition will be better than the traditional BP Neural Network and Single SVM, especially in small samples or non-linear cases. Meanwhile, this paper presents the lifting wavelet transform in order to obtain the feature information accurately. The accuracy of fault diagnosis can greatly enhance by discussing the Improved SVM combined with lifting wavelet transform in a specific monostable trigger. That points out a new direction for the fault diagnosis of mixed circuit.
Authors: Aboud Ahmed, Chang Lu Zhao, Kai Han, Fu Jun Zhang, Feng Wu
Abstract: Design of Experiment statistical method and Genetic Algorithms based optimization method are used to obtain the optimum gear shifting strategy that driver can follow to provide best fuel consumption without affecting drivability characteristics of the vehicle according to certain driving cycle. The study is carried on a Mining Dump Truck YT3621 with 9 forward shifts manual transmission. Three loading conditions, no load, 20 ton and 40 ton have been discussed. The truck powertrain is modeled using GT-Drive, and DOE –Post processing tool of the GT-Suit is used for DOE analysis and Genetic Algorithm optimization. Six different real on road driving cycles are used to study the effect of gear shifting strategy on fuel consumption.
Authors: Hai Dong Wang, Jing Sun, Yu Quan Bi, Mao Sheng Yang
Abstract: One type of spatial new parallel mechanism with two degree of freedom is proposed.. The position and velocity analytic equation are constructed based on the coordinate transformations. Finally, the singular configuration of the tilter is analyzed by the forward and the inverse Jacobian matrix.
Authors: Wei Zhang, Ning Jun Fan
Abstract: This paper deals with the dynamic modeling of a ducted fan vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and focuses on the dynamic characteristics analyzing in forward flight. A 6-DOF nonlinear model has been established in terms of the forces and moments and the model can be used in the structure and control system design.
Authors: Lei Wang, Sheng Min Ge
Abstract: For the defects exist in recent design method of compensation wheel, the working speed is raised to reduce the mass increment and improve the bearing lubrication. By the means of new thought, a double closed loop controller is proposed which uses high-authority control (HAC) and low-authority control (LAC) to guarantee the speed of response and steady-state error for a good performance. The models of encoder, friction torque and compensation wheel are established in Simulink. Based on the requirement of attitude stability and pointing accuracy of a satellite, the controller parameters are synthesized. In the section of simulation, results reveal that the compensation system has a satisfied performance.
Authors: Hyun Jong Cha, Jin Mook Kim, Hwang Bin Ryou
Abstract: A mobile ad-hoc network is a method of communication between different nodes (mobile devices) without the use of base stations, which are used in wired networks. In a Mobile ad-hoc network, nodes can play the role of a receiver, sender, or a relay. As movement is flexible in Mobile ad-hoc networks and nodes have limited resources, nodes may join the communication or exit it at any time. Therefore, for Mobile ad-hoc networks, routing techniques - selecting communication routes and maintaining them – is considered important in an environment of constantly changing network topology. To overcome this problem, this paper proposes a reliable routing protocol based on MP-AOMDV, which monitors changes in signal strength not only for GPS signals but reception signals as well. Although MP-AOMDV was researched under the assumption of fixed movement direction and speed, this paper proposes a routing technique that works with changing movement direction or speed of nodes.
Authors: Zhi Jun Sun, Yang Xu, Yi Ze Sun, Pei Xing Li, Shuang Huang
Abstract: Electronic jacquard control system is the core technology of tufted carpet equipment, whose dynamic characteristics determines the quality of tufted carpet surface(the roughness、the level of loop transition phenomenon).In this paper, the structure of jacquard control system is analyzed. And the concept of roughness of carpet surface is given. Its evaluation model is established. Through analysis of structure, we point out that the key factor affecting the quality of carpet surface is signal acquiring unit which is investigated in this paper. We analyze the characteristics of system and the quality of the carpet surface, also establish the model of relationship between the synchronous sampling frequency of stepper motor and the height of carpet loop. Using this simulation model, we get the optimal synchronous sampling frequency of stepper motor to ensure the quality of carpet surface, also provide a theoretical basis for the design of control system.

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