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Authors: Xin Jian Wang, Ri Yun Li, Jian Sheng Chen
Abstract: In order to detect the concentrated leakage passages(CLP) more effectively and precisely, the temperature field emulation method of irregularity dam including seepage and leakage is established based on numerical optimization of concentrated leakage passage detection with kinds of boundary conditions. In this model, the effect of lapse rate, radiation from sun and wind speed on temperature field is included. The flow states of underground water determined, the heat transfer characteristics presented and the coupled relation between seepage and temperature distribution constructed, the coupled equations between seepage and heat transfer are set up.
Authors: Jun Kai Yang, Yun Jie Xu
Abstract: PC injection molded parts are taken as an example. Mold flow software is used to predict the filling condition of the product, estimate the injection pressure and clamping force required to mold this product and its warpage, and find elements that cause the warpage so as to change the mold structure, reduce warpage and improve the quality of the product.
Authors: Jun Kai Yang, Yun Jie Xu
Abstract: It introduces the working principles of the hydraulic system for soft roll calender, and designs the hydraulic system based on its technological requirements. Through the reasonable configuration of logic valve, solenoid proportional pressure reducing and relieving valve and so on, this hydraulic system can improve the working efficiency of the entire system, further improve smoothness of paper sheets, and improve the quality of paper.
Authors: Ying Chun Liu, Yun Zuo
Abstract: In order to research the fatigue strength of gasket which is with new composite material in one plane, we designed and manufactured special testing equipment. The material of shaft of testing equipment is 30CrMnSi. In the experiment, the 30CrMnSi shaft was broken into two parts by suddenly. By structural analysis, static analysis and heat treatment analysis for shaft, we get the reason of fracture for shaft finally. The problem solved make the test goes well and can help design and manufacture testing equipment in the future.
Authors: Da Wei Wu, Jun Chao Yuan
Abstract: The research of assembly process design based on flexible automatic assembly process plays a critical role in improving the efficiency of aircraft assembly. it use the characteristics of flexible fixture reconfignrability to simplify assembly unit partition and make a kind of craft ideas apply to different assembly unit. Through wing assembly process research that obtains flexible automatic assembly assembly process can be versatile.
Authors: Ming Liang Yang, Wei Ping Ding
Abstract: The driving electromotor noise of a pure electric bus was taken as the evaluation object in this paper. The noise signals were gathered by dual channels and to simulating human auditory by synthetic stereo, and were processed into a series of noise samples for human subjective testing generated according to the 3dB differential progressive attenuation of noise sound pressure level. Then the author investigated the human body comfort/discomfort subjective feelings under various noise samples through the high fidelity audio playback, described the subjective feelings with ‘descriptor’, and quantified the subjective feelings with scores at the same time. On this basis, the correlation of subjective feelings between acoustic comfort and discomfort were revealed, and the noise sample sets corresponding with comfort feeling were found out. Based on these, an evaluation method of electromotor acoustic comfort was established.
Authors: Yong Guo Zhang, Xu Feng Jiang, Xiao Wen Wu, Zong Ying
Abstract: To determine the cause of high oil temperature of the bearings in a kiln, oil samples extracted from the recovery of lubricant oil and were tested by comprehensive oil analytical techniques (including conventional physical and chemical Analysis, pollution degree detection and ferrography wear particle analysis). Results show that root cause of high oil temperature is improper selection of lubricating oil and serious solid particles pollution of using lubricating oil. Therefore, the application of oil analytical techniques to monitor the oil working condition, to prevent mechanical failure and to extend machine life is very effective.
Authors: Xiao Ge Li, Kai Fu Zhang, Yuan Li
Abstract: Automatic drilling and riveting process, in order to improve the quality of drilling and riveting aircraft panel deformation are needed for compensation. Due to panels in automatic drilling and riveting process with more posture, therefore, solving panel deformation of plates under more posture is important. This paper establishes aircraft panel in the automatic drilling riveting process multiple posture deformation model. Firstly, simplify the manner of support, locate and clamping between the panel and the splints, supportive of integral panel at each location are calculated using three-moment theory to provide data reference for spacing between splints. Then, deformation results are calculated using flat shell theory to provide data reference for error compensation in automated riveting system, thus, drilling and riveting quality are improved.
Authors: Fei Yu Zhang, Qing Yan Wang
Abstract: This paper established three-dimensional model of two kinds of topdrive stem by solidworks, compared their structure, brought out analysis of strength and fatigue, compared their merits and defects.
Authors: Xi Long Sun, Deng Feng Wang, Fang Lu
Abstract: A side impact simulation model for a car was built according to China New Car Assessment Programme(CNCAP) and the 120ms response of the side impact was calculated by Pam-Crash software. The side security performance of base model was evaluated with the assessment criteria for the side security which was defined base on the experience and development requirement. Because of the stiffness insufficiency of base model, the body side structure was improved by multiple optimizations to improve the side security performance of body-in-white. The optimal scheme was validated by the test results, and the side security performance satisfies the production development requirements. The reliability and accuracy of the side impact model were validated according to the comparison analysis of test and simulation.

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