Aircraft Dynamically Similar Model Design Using Simulated Annealing


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A new methodology has been proposed to design a dynamically similar/scaled model (DSM) of aircraft. This method uses the simulated annealing (SA) optimization algorithm to get the maximum similarity between model and full-scale aircraft with help of systems movement and using minimum ballast weight. For the ½ model of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), internal arrangement is designed to achieve the desired model center of gravity position and moments of inertia. A computer code is developed, and model suitable arrangement is obtained. Results show that the proposed optimization approach to design of DSM was successfully used to find adequate model systems arrangement and minimizing ballast weight to access more capacities for data-acquisition systems or fuels. In this problem, ballast weight reduced about 0.6 kgf for a 55 kgf model, in addition of simplicity of DSM design for various configuration and flight regimes.



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R. Varatharajoo, E. J. Abdullah, D. L. Majid, F. I. Romli, A. S. Mohd Rafie and K. A. Ahmad




A. Shakoori et al., "Aircraft Dynamically Similar Model Design Using Simulated Annealing", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 225, pp. 323-328, 2012

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November 2012




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