Settlement Control and Impact Analysis of the Subway Shield Under-Passing Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Bridge


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When the shield tunnel go through the bridge structure of high speed railway, it will affect the high speed railway bridge structure, thus influence to the bridge of track structure and ballastless track. Based on the Beijing subway tunnel go through the Beijing-Shanghai railway bridge section engineering examples, for the first time to shield under through the high speed railway caused the bridge pier settlements are analyzed. Combined with the actual monitoring data, the isolation pile during the period of construction bridge pier and Shield during through bridge pier during the period of settlement regularity of construction bridge pier, settlement regularity of Isolation pile as well as settlement regularity of the surface land are summarized analysis. During the construction of high-speed rail bridges and the soil to produce a certain degree of deformation, Shield Zone just above the soil settlement with a large deformation, both sides of the deformation gradually decreases, but the deformation is controlled. The use of the isolation pile reinforcement measures significantly reduced the influence by the Shield Construction and it can satisfy the requirement of high speed railway control standards



Edited by:

Chunliang Zhang and Paul P. Lin




H. Peng et al., "Settlement Control and Impact Analysis of the Subway Shield Under-Passing Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Bridge", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 226-228, pp. 1655-1660, 2012

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November 2012




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