The Application of Multi-Wavelet in GPS Deformation Signal Processing


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With wavelet technology used more widely in GPS deformation analysis, the paper will talk multi-wavelet (the second generation wavelet) theory used for GPS deformation monitoring data analysis. Due to multi-wavelet has a short branch set, orthogonal, symmetric (antisymmetric) and two order approximation characteristics, in the same filter length, using multiple wavelet on deformation monitoring signal can obtain better denoising effect than traditional wavelet. The paper studies signal adopting different preprocessing methods, makes a study of the selection problem in multi-wavelet preprocessing method. The GPS deformation monitoring signal is disposed using different multi-wavelet which adopts optima preprocessing method, and the paper makes a comparison to the conventional odd wavelet. The result confirms: multi-wavelet is more superiority than conventional wavelet, which decreases RMSE, advances SNR, obtains higher analytic precision, conforms the validity and practicability in physical problem, and offers a new road for deformation monitoring signal process



Edited by:

Chunliang Zhang and Paul P. Lin




Y. H. He et al., "The Application of Multi-Wavelet in GPS Deformation Signal Processing", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 226-228, pp. 1927-1931, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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