Producing Power Using Stirling Engines by Tapping Heat from the Condenser of Power Plants


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Mankind’s lax approach towards energy sources during its past years of incessant growth has led to chopping of fossil fuels and done immense harm to the environment. Today we are faced with a challenge to develop eco friendly systems that ensure sustainable development with minimum harm to our fragile surroundings We propose a system consisting a Stirling engine that, using the temperature difference between the condenser inlets and outlets of a power plant (nuclear or thermal), produces power. This will sooth our problems to some extent. In this paper, we will briefly discuss the working of thermal/nuclear power plants in combination with Stirling engine in order to increase the efficiency of conventional power plant systems up to the order of 80% . Above all our system causes lower emissions when compared to the already existing systems since the engine producing power has zero emission. The main advantage of our proposed system is that there will be increase in power production of the existing plants without any further increase in the energy supply. This small auxiliary system working in synchronization with the main system increases the overall efficiency of the plant by increasing the power output without additional energy being expended and also reduces the load on the power plants during peak load requirements.



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Mohamed Othman




N. Sharma et al., "Producing Power Using Stirling Engines by Tapping Heat from the Condenser of Power Plants", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 229-231, pp. 1106-1109, 2012

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November 2012




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