Numerical Simulation of Combustion for Freely Falling Gelled Fuel Droplets under Normal Gravity Conditions


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Understanding the evaporation and combustion mechanisms of single droplets of gel propellant is the first stage to predict the burning characteristics in the combustion chamber. This paper, taking into account convection heat for freely falling gelled fuel droplets under normal gravity conditions, as well unsteady mass diffusion and thermal diffusion inside droplet, a theoretical model was developed to understand mass and heat transport mechanisms, and bubble growth within the gel droplet during processes of droplet combustion. The results show that at the first stage, shrinkage of the radius obeys the d2-law; steep temperature gradient and fuel mass concentration gradient appear within droplet, especially region near droplet surface. At the second stage, liquid fuel near the gellant layer within droplet starts to boiling, gellant layer formation resist the vaporizing fuel gas flow to extent; the vapor region appears between gellant layer and vaporizing surface within the droplet, and the droplet expands, swells, the layer thickness decreases until it ruptures.



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Mohamed Othman




Z. J. Liu et al., "Numerical Simulation of Combustion for Freely Falling Gelled Fuel Droplets under Normal Gravity Conditions", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 229-231, pp. 2106-2111, 2012

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November 2012




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