Near Infrared Cut-Off Characteristics of Various Perovskite-Based Composite Films


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Homogenous cesium tungsten tri-oxide (CsxWO3) and molybdenum tri-oxide (Cs0.33MoO3) powder was prepared by solvothermal reaction using (NH4)10H2(W2O7)6, H8MoN2O4 and Cs2CO3 aqueous solution followed by annealing. The cesium doped tungsten tri-oxide (CsxWO3) and the cesium doped molybdenum tri-oxide (CsxMoO3) nanocomposite films was deposited by the sol-gel bar-coating method onto PET-film (polyethylene terephthalate film, thickness 186 ㎛) substrate. The structure and sizes of ceramic particles was observed XRD and PSA spectrometer, the optical properties of their films were investigated by UV-VIS, NIR spectrometer. Synthesized particles typically formed cubic structure for good absorption of NIR, size observed as being 30-100 nm and 3 nanoparticles showed a high transmittance in the visible wavelength region as well as excellent shielding capability of near-infrared (NIR) wavelength, indicating that CsxWO3, Cs0.33MoO3 nanoparticles have a appropriate characteristic as solar filter applications.



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Mohamed Othman




J. Y. Kim et al., "Near Infrared Cut-Off Characteristics of Various Perovskite-Based Composite Films", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 229-231, pp. 2733-2736, 2012

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November 2012




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