Squeezing Impact Forces of the Deformation on a Cylindrical Roller


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The article examines the influence of compressive forces on the deformation of the cylindrical roller. We considered the features of deformation of two cylindrical bodies with identical elastic properties and elastic plastic deformation of the deforming element of the solid parts. Duing the process we calculated deformation of the cylindrical deforming element which is located between the two contracting rigid planar faces of it with a light contact and general deformations. It is shown that the relative deformation of the reels when they are loading does not depend much on the diameter, but depends only on the loading force. It’s produced by computer simulation of compression of a cylindrical roller with two absolutely rigid plates using the software like Pro/E, Solidworks and ANSYS. We obtain the results of experimental investigations of the deformation roller during its compression of flat plates with a hardness of HRC = 65. It was revealed that the deformation roller obtained experimentally is almost identical with the calculated values. It is shown that deformation of the roller shall not exceed two percent of its diameter, and in the calculations determining the parameters of the contact zone can not take into account its deformation.



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Mohamed Othman




I. K. Beisembetov et al., "Squeezing Impact Forces of the Deformation on a Cylindrical Roller", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 229-231, pp. 723-726, 2012

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November 2012




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