5A 1300V Trenched and Implanted 4H-SiC Vertical JFET


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A silicon carbide (SiC) vertical channel junction field effect transistor (VJFET) was fabricated based on in-house SiC epitaxial wafer with lift-off trenched and implanted method. Its blocking voltage exceeds 1300V at gate bias VG = -6V and forward drain current is in excess of 5A at gate bias VG = 3V and drain bias VD = 3V. The SiC VJFET device’s current density is 240A/cm2 at VG= 3V and VD = 3V, with related specific on-resistance 8.9mΩ•cm2. Further analysis reveals that the on-resistance depends greatly on ohmic contact resistance and the bonding spun gold. The specific on-resistance can be further reduced by improving the doping concentration of SiC channel epilayer and the device’s ohmic contact.



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Mohamed Othman




G. Chen et al., "5A 1300V Trenched and Implanted 4H-SiC Vertical JFET", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 229-231, pp. 824-827, 2012

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November 2012





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