Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Hybrid Excitation Vehicle Generator with Low Voltage and High Current


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In order to further improve the power supply system reliability of low voltage high current vehicle generator, hybrid excitation is used and the permanent magnets are added between the main magnetic poles body and pole shoes. Aiming at reply the problem of limited installation space, the asymmetric pole structure, non-uniform commutating pole, single wave windings playing a role of the pressure line and oblique brush etc are investigated for improving commutation. This paper researched on the distribution of the flux line, the waveform of the air gap magnetic field, and analysis inner magnetic field at the loading by hybrid excitation and no loading by permanent magnet excitation alone respectively with the method of finite element. The results reveal that the magnetic field established by several excitation systems is still symmetric and uniform although the asymmetric structure, so it ensures the provision of suitable medium space for mechanical and electrical energy conversion. By comparing the permanent magnets excitation alone and hybrid excitation in a generator magnetic field distribution and air gap magnetic field waveform, the permanent magnet excitation and electricity excitation realized the superposition of magnetic field, and common establish main generator magnetic field. Hybrid excitation also reduces the current density of excitation coils and improves the heat dissipating performance compared with electrically excited alone. Through the performance analysis of the hybrid excitation, the output voltage waveform is very stable. The curve of auxiliary excitation current along with velocity variation provide important basis for excitation control devices and the development of control algorithm. It will help to improve the stability, reliability and security of the generator, the results can provide key technical support to the development of low-voltage high-current hybrid excitation vehicle generator.



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Mohamed Othman




Y. J. An et al., "Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Hybrid Excitation Vehicle Generator with Low Voltage and High Current", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 229-231, pp. 945-948, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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