Overall Mechanical Properties of Particulate Porous Composites Following Two-Step Homogenization Scheme


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The present work tries to make an attempt to improve previous work which offers a simple but effective way to construct satisfied predicating model. Indeed, recent work due to Peng et al. [13] and dealing with a two-step homogenization scheme is revisited here by introducing an iterative process which allows us to take into account differently the porosity of the elastic media. Several homogenization schemes (dilute, Mori-Tanaka, self-consistent ...) are presented and compared with experimental data. One can say that the current approach provides reasonably accurate predictions for the effective moduli of multiphase composites without using the n parameter as proposed by Peng et al. [13]



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Amanda Wu




S. Barboura and S. Ramtani, "Overall Mechanical Properties of Particulate Porous Composites Following Two-Step Homogenization Scheme", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 232, pp. 45-50, 2012

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November 2012




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