The Constant Pressure Gas Supply Control System and Characteristic Simulation to Air Compressors Based on Fuzzy Self-Tuning of PID Parameters


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In the light of the problems that mine air compressor’s exhaust pressure instability, large energy consumption in the work process, more waste and so on, the system used PLC as the developing platform of the hardware, using fuzzy PID parameters self-tuning method to control the air compressors, make it possibly that air compressors’ main motor variable frequency speed regulation, ensure air compressors supply air stability, using Matlab/Simulink software to model and simulate and analysis for the control system at the same time, through the field test and the simulation results show that, this system not only improved the automation degree of the air compressors’ system, but also the obviously voltage stabilizing and energy saving effect, it has a greatly applied prospect and practical value.



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Amanda Wu




H. Wang and H. J. Wang, "The Constant Pressure Gas Supply Control System and Characteristic Simulation to Air Compressors Based on Fuzzy Self-Tuning of PID Parameters", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 232, pp. 512-516, 2012

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November 2012




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