Study on Mechanism of Welding Hot Crack for Magnesium Alloys


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The TIG welding was used to weld AZ31B magnesium alloys. The results indicate that hot cracking is related to the chemical composition of the filler metal and the welding current. When the AZ40M alloy, with low content of Zn, is used for the filler metal, no hot cracking appears in the weld. While the AZ31B alloy is used as the filler metal, or with no filler metal, hot crack appears in the weld seam.The hot crack will appear when the weleding current is over one point.The reason of hot crack appeared is some low melting eutectic appearing in weld. Key word: TIG Welding;Magnesium Alloys; Hot Cracking; AZ31B



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Xiong Zhou and Zhenzhen Lei




D. P. Jiang and Z. X. Yao, "Study on Mechanism of Welding Hot Crack for Magnesium Alloys", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 233, pp. 384-387, 2012

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November 2012




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