Three Dimensional Simulation and Repair of Skull Maxilla and Dentition Based on CT Scanning and Laser Sintering Technologies


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Obtain a prosthesis and carry out maxillofacial repair by rapid prototyping technology on the basis of three dimensional finite element model of maxilla skull and dentition which is obtained through preliminary restoration done on a skull exemplar as modeling material and through spiral CT scanning and three dimensional imaging technologies. Thus, a vivid restored three dimensional biomechanical model and prosthesis of maxilla skull and dentition is obtained, based on which, the form and functions can be restored well after repair. Individual defect model and prosthesis model can be built according to different plans designed for different patients. By which, a complete idea for maxilla and dentition repair can be achieved with pleasing in appearance on patients, low cost and less post-operative complications.



Edited by:

Xiong Zhou and Zhenzhen Lei




X. R. Wang and S. W. Chen, "Three Dimensional Simulation and Repair of Skull Maxilla and Dentition Based on CT Scanning and Laser Sintering Technologies", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 233, pp. 416-419, 2012

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November 2012




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