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Authors: Xiao Feng Zhang, You Gang Xiao, He Lian Deng, Jian Feng Huang
Abstract: Using microphone and removable planar microphone array, the exterior and interior vehicle noise near pantograph were investigated when the train ran at 250-350km/h, the noise spectrum characters of these areas were obtained. The results show that at the pantograph seat and in the vehicle below pantograph, the noise spectrum show a broad band distribution, and the noise energy is mainly concentrated within the range of 100Hz-2kHz. Interior vehicle noise below pantograph is a non-uniform reverberant sound field, the regions with larger sound pressure level (SPL) are distributed near the roof, the floor, the side wall below the luggage. For reducing interior vehicle noise below pantograph, such measures as using low noise pantograph, adding sound insulation pad, filling sound absorption materials and improving sealing performance should be taken, and these measures should be effective at 100Hz-2kHz.
Authors: Rui Wu, Pei Fu Chen, Cheng Liang Lei
Abstract: By decomposing the problem of serious wear of bearing of the atomization device to treat waste gas yielded in the process of garbage power, TRIZ tool component analysis, system trimming and CAI platform pro/innovator are applied in the paper. Then 2 proposals are put forward, by the advice of experts and the current usable resources, the most suitable one is accepted as the final proposal for the problem.
Authors: Zhen Wang, Xiang Ming Dun, Xiang Yong Dun
Abstract: A new method to collect royal jelly is proposed according to the view of industrial robot. A three-dimensional model of royal jelly collecting robot with a monocular camera is built. Detecting the particular shapes via Fourier Descriptors and finding the corresponding target points though the image shot by the camera. The vision-based process and the 3-D simulation are performed alternately to simulate picking up queen bee larvae according to robotic forward kinematics and inverse kinematics.
Authors: Min Liu, Yue Hua Gao
Abstract: Based on the experiential data from the operation of Chongqing No.2 light rail for six years, and combined with the deep analysis for the tire wear characteristic of the straddle type monorail vehicle, this paper presents an expert system of detection and management for the tire wear of straddle type monorail vehicle. Firstly, this paper will analyze the wear characteristic of the straddle type monorail vehicle tire. Secondly, this paper will give the basic design idea of the expert system. And finally the design method of the expert system will be presented with the use of access software and visual basic language. Practices show that the expert system presented in this paper can meet the actual need of detection and management for the tire wear of the straddle type monorail vehicle, and is effective for reducing repair cost and increasing the economic benefit for operation of urban railway traffic.
Authors: Zhong Liang Lv, Bao Ping Tang, Zhang Yan
Abstract: With the complex and diversified of engineering machinery’s load, the structural response calculation with the incentive of the broadband signal is becoming increasingly important. This paper analyses the adaptability problem on common structural response calculation with wideband signals excitation, and then used specific examples to illustrate the calculation methods problems that may arise in the calculation of broadband stimulus-response. Finally, the way is given to solve it.
Authors: Qi Huang, Yun Qing Li, Cheng Kei Liu, Xiao Li Lai
Abstract: The new intake system is designed and the intake pipe is changed in order to get high torque at low and medium speed. After the intake parameters are changed, the intake dynamic effect is utilized to increase volumetric efficiency and torque at the low and medium speed by theory analyses. Through further research, it is found that intake pipe length has a quite great influence on torque characteristic. Extending intake pipe length can improve engine torque at low and medium speed and its maximum torque point is shifted from high speed scope to low and medium speed scope.
Authors: Hao Peng, Ze Lun Li
Abstract: Requirements for the device of measuring rotational speed is high-accuracy, stabilization, credibility, and shorter measuring time during the dynamic-balancing process. This paper studies a way of measuring rotator reference signal based on DSP(digital signal processing). The way of picking-up rotator reference signal, measuring rotator speed are introduced. This new way of measuring rotational speed in high-speed rotor dynamic-balancing measuring system based on DSP is accurate, simple and convenient.
Authors: Hong Ke Wang, Xiao Feng Wang
Abstract: 3D reconstruction is used in applications such as virtual reality, digital cinematography and urban planning .The 3D registration is the important part of 3D reconstruction, which is one of outstanding and very basic problems in computer vision. In the paper, considering that there often exist a great number of planes in scenes, we show a planar-feature-based registration method. The planar features from the range image are extracted. Then, we can compute the transformation by SVD between the two coordinate systems and achieve the registration of these two range images.
Authors: Cheng Jun Liu, Feng You Tan, Huie Zeng, Xian Ling Deng
Abstract: In the background of new economical age, the necessity and inevitability of application of knowing-separating–application method and knowledge-to-production and production-to -platform and package-platform-mode (PPM) is introduced. The relative concepts of PPM are set definition. The characteristics and considerations of PPM are studied. For designing of application system complexity and re-usable knowledge module rarely, the application of PPM on research & development of compressor monitoring and diagnosis and maintenance management system-CMDMMS is probed. The PPM is a reliable idea for designing of complex application system.
Authors: Gang Zhang, Jian Qu Zhu
Abstract: Abstract: In the current domestic control system of submerged arc welding machine, most walking DC motor speed control uses the method of analog control pulse width modulation (PWM), which has a complex circuit, high failure rate and is inconvenient to use. For this phenomenon, DSP (TMS320F2812) disc is used to build a digital control system, and replace the traditional analog controller, allowing the weld control system more simple and practical. The main content of this paper is the hardware circuit design and software algorithms programming of digital control DC speed control system. Tested by experiment, this digital control system can replace the weld analog control system, enabling the motor to have good control performance at low speed thereby enhancing the welding effect of submerged arc welding machine.

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