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Authors: Rui Guo, Jing Yi Zhao, De Cai Han, Yong Chang Wang
Abstract: According to the new kind of the upper arm mechanism of the slag pot carrier, optimization design, simulation and experimental research are carried out, in which the combination of conventional design, three dimensional virtual design and experimental study are applied. The motion law of multi-segment arc slide way of main arm is given by means of researching the motion process of slag ladle in the main arm slide way. The functional relationship among the internal parameters of the arm mechanism, and between load force and arm movement is revealed by studying kinematics of mechanism and dynamics law of the upper arm mechanism. The finite element analysis of the upper arm mechanism is carried out to get the weak links of structure strength, and then the improvement solution is proposed. After experiments, the method correctness of optimization and design of upper arm mechanism is testified by the coincidence of the trial results and experimentation results.
Authors: De Ping Jiang, Zong Xiang Yao
Abstract: The TIG welding was used to weld AZ31B magnesium alloys. The results indicate that hot cracking is related to the chemical composition of the filler metal and the welding current. When the AZ40M alloy, with low content of Zn, is used for the filler metal, no hot cracking appears in the weld. While the AZ31B alloy is used as the filler metal, or with no filler metal, hot crack appears in the weld seam.The hot crack will appear when the weleding current is over one point.The reason of hot crack appeared is some low melting eutectic appearing in weld. Key word: TIG Welding;Magnesium Alloys; Hot Cracking; AZ31B
Authors: Mei Hong Liu, Zhen Hua Li, Yu Xian Li, Jun Ruo Chen
Abstract: At present, study on the non-asbestos gasket materials is the hotspot research in static sealing field. The non-asbestos sealing gaskets research and development has made great strides into the practical phase. Formula is an important factor of material, which determines performance of material. In order to obtain well performance, it is needed to optimization formula to get optimal formula that not only improve performance of non-asbestos gasket, but also reduce development time accordingly reduce cost of non-asbestos gasket. Classification of raw materials can be transformed into a mathematical clustering problem. It means that according to some algorithm, there will be some sort of input values of similar links together. Many neural networks were widely used in the classification of different materials. A method of classification by using neural network to the known 15 kinds of the non-asbestos gaskets of formula data was proposed in this paper. By using the PNN (probabilistic neural network), LVQ(Learning Vector Quantization) neural network and SOM (Self-Organizing Feature Map) neural network respectively to classify the non-asbestos gaskets to find a suitable method in the classification of non-asbestos gaskets formula. The results indicated that PNN neural network and LVQ neural network method based on the data that provided in the paper both can effectively classify, while SOM neural network can not classify them ideally, thus it provides a new theoretical basis for the classification of the non-asbestos gaskets.
Authors: Ting Chen, Yang Gao, Qun Yuan
Abstract: With the rapid development of domestic automobile industry, product quality issues are also increasingly prominent. 7 Diamond Process is one of analysis method and tool used for the automotive industry to solve quality problems and difficult problems, it is a standard seven-step method used to promote problem-solving. Moreover this paper introduces the concept and content of 7 Diamond Process, by giving a practical example, the detailed steps of 7 Diamond Process applied in automobile quality problem analysis are described. It will become an effective tool to improve the quality level of automotive products.
Authors: Yu Chen, Yun Bing He, Tao Wang
Abstract: Water Jacket Furnace is a kind of indispensable equipment in the process of oil and gas field production, gathering and transportation. It is mainly responsible for the warming and energy supply of gathering and transportation system. After production, the oil of natural gas firstly enters the Water Jacket Furnace for pressure regulation, thermal insulation and then received the processing of separation, filtration, pressure regulation and metering; natural gas containing more impurities will gradually form sediment and eventually block the snakelike coil, resulting in Water Jacket Furnace heat exchange failure; with the continuous development of the oilfield construction, the application of Water Jacket Furnace continues to increase, and the blockage phenomenon gradually increases in correspondence; under the circumstance of being unable to solve the Water Jacket Furnace blockage by high pressure differential, this paper presents the operation method of blockage solution via fresh water injection for discussion.
Authors: Jin Pang, Hong Liu, Xi Nan Yu
Abstract: In view of the existing shortcomings of the analysis methods for the production system of conventional condensate gas well, the new method that adopts the non-steady gas reservoir seepage and the wellbore coupling has been proposed in this paper, in other words, the gas nozzle control, the wellbore flow and the reservoir seepage have been considered as the coupling entirety; the traditional nodal analysis has been combined with the well test analysis of non-steady seepage; the new production system analysis methods have been employed to discuss the characteristics of gas reservoir seepage, wellbore flow and gas reservoir boundary; at the same time, the changing trends of indicators in the development process have been also analyzed. Afterwards, the coordination state and the changes of parameters of the production system can be predicted in different production methods and different times. And the better results can be obtained through the application evaluation of YK1.
Authors: Yang Gao, Ting Chen, Qun Yuan
Abstract: System delivery process (referred to as SDP-21) is a mature IT framework system that GM (General Motors Corporation) applies in the project management of automobile industry. For current problems existed in the software project management of automobile industry, this paper introduces an IT project management model based system delivery process (SDP-21 framework). On this basis, presents the methods and procedures for implementing issues management, constructed the process flow of issues management. It will help automobile industry to establish and improve the software planning and project management, give full play to the role of software system in enterprise development. Finally, it can provide the technical support for automobile enterprises to enhance their competitive strength.
Authors: Zhong Jian Tang, Miao Song
Abstract: Aimed at the problem that it is difficult to measure production rate of hydrocyanic acid directly. So the soft measurement model of production rate of hydrocyanic acid can be established based on neural networks according to interrelated measurable engineering signals. Before being application to engineering, the soft measurement model is trained by PSO algorithm instead of the fast gradient descent method; Simulations prove that the soft measurement model trained by PSO possesses better measuring accuracy and stronger generalization ability. This kind of soft measurement model can be applied to practical production engineering of hydrocyanic acid.
Authors: Xiao Rong Wang, Shi Wei Chen
Abstract: Obtain a prosthesis and carry out maxillofacial repair by rapid prototyping technology on the basis of three dimensional finite element model of maxilla skull and dentition which is obtained through preliminary restoration done on a skull exemplar as modeling material and through spiral CT scanning and three dimensional imaging technologies. Thus, a vivid restored three dimensional biomechanical model and prosthesis of maxilla skull and dentition is obtained, based on which, the form and functions can be restored well after repair. Individual defect model and prosthesis model can be built according to different plans designed for different patients. By which, a complete idea for maxilla and dentition repair can be achieved with pleasing in appearance on patients, low cost and less post-operative complications.
Authors: Xi Nan Yu, Hong Liu, Ji Hua Cao, Jin Pang
Abstract: The material balance equation of water-drive gas reservoir does not study the effect of in-seam and intrabed water,which results the distortion of reserve.If we take acount of the effect of in-seam and intrabed water,the slope of material balance equation curve is over the back-face,and the dynamic reserve is lower than ignoring the effect of in-seam and intrabed water,the average value of dynamic reserve drops 12.16%,so we must take acount of the effect of in-seam and intrabed water to the dynamic reserve.

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