Performance Evaluation of CRM System Based on Cloud Computing


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PT. XYZ is a retail company that distributes electronic, furniture and home appliance products across Indonesia. As the business grows, the company faces many problems in manages their customer. So the company decided to implement CRM system based on cloud computing to manage their customer relationship. This research aims to evaluate the performance of CRM System based on cloud computing ( on PT. XYZ which the results can be used by management to make decisions and strategies for the next steps. The performance evaluation divided into 3 which are financial, technology and business evaluation. The result shows that the system is working as expected. It has good financial, technology and business performance. Conclusions obtained from this research are, the company can continue the subscription of and even develop their system to cover and manage all companys customer.



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Ford Lumban Gaol




Fendy et al., "Performance Evaluation of CRM System Based on Cloud Computing", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 234, pp. 110-123, 2012

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November 2012




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