Effect of Aluminium Alloy and Mild Steel on the Productivity in Sheet Metal Forming Processes


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Productivity is one of the major factors that affect the profit of any industry or any product. In manufacturing industries, the productivity is showing the efficiency of the production unit. It depends on many factors such as technology, machine, method, management, materials etc. In this study, material used is considered and analyzed how it affects the productivity. Productivity is normally expressed as the number of units produced / unit time. Sheet metal forming is one of the major manufacturing processes and used for most of the products. So the selection of material is important for good quality as well as economical production. This article discusses how the material influences the productivity. For this study, a product U Clamp is considered. The materials considered for the study are the aluminum and mild steel. The U clamps are formed by aluminum as well as mild steel by using the same die. Data on operation time, material handling time are collected, analyzed and discussed.



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Ford Lumban Gaol




C.N. A. Kumar and R. Deivanathan, "Effect of Aluminium Alloy and Mild Steel on the Productivity in Sheet Metal Forming Processes", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 234, pp. 64-68, 2012

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November 2012




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