A New Reachability Query Method for Graph-Structured XML Data


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Query processing of graph-structured XML data is a rising topic in XML research field. This paper focuses on reachability query methods of graph-structured XML data. Encoding scheme of CDGX (Coding Directed Graph-structured XML data) is proposed in this paper, which not only can effectively solve the circle problem, but also avoiding a large number of intermediate data and saving storage space. And based on encoding scheme of CDGX, a new reachability query method RJDG (Reachability Judgment on Directed Graph) is put forward to. In RJDG, adjacent nodes in a same graph-structured XML document are got and stored beforehand. RJDG only needs to deal with the adjacent nodes to decide the reachability relationship between XML nodes. Experiments illustrate that RJDG is an efficient reachability query method.



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Yuning Zhong




Y. Lu et al., "A New Reachability Query Method for Graph-Structured XML Data", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 235, pp. 394-398, 2012

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November 2012




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