Effects of Sintering Route and Flux on the Luminescence and Morphology of YAG: Ce Phosphors for White Emitting-Light Diodes (LEDs)


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YAG:Ce phosphors were synthesized by co-precipitation method. The photoluminescence intensity of samples sintered by the two-step route increases by about 10%, and with 0.5 wt.% NH4Cl added as flux, surface morphologies and size distribution are improved. The white LEDs were fabricated using as-obtained phosphors. It shows natural white light with chromaticity coordinates of (0.3083, 0.3163), color temperature (Tc) of 6886 K, the average CRI of 75, and the luminous efficacy of 85 ml/W. Therefore, The as-obtained YAG:Ce phosphors could be regard to have potential application in white LED devices.



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Wei Deng and Qi Luo




T. Han et al., "Effects of Sintering Route and Flux on the Luminescence and Morphology of YAG: Ce Phosphors for White Emitting-Light Diodes (LEDs)", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 236-237, pp. 9-15, 2012

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November 2012




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