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  | Authors: Artur Galek, Harald Moser, Thomas Ring, Matthias Zeiml, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Roman Lackner
Abstract:When concrete structures are subjected to fire loading, temperature-dependent degradation of the material properties as well as spalling of...
  | Authors: Ole Thybo Thomsen, K.K. Kratmann
Abstract:The classical kink-band formation models predict that the compressive strength of UD carbon fibre reinforced composite materials (UD CFRP) is...
  | Authors: Keith Worden, W.E. Becker, Manuela Battipede, Cecilia Surace
Abstract:This paper concerns the analysis of how uncertainty propagates through large computational models like finite element models. If a model is...
  | Authors: Rhys Pullin, A. Clarke, Mark J. Eaton, Karen M. Holford, S.L. Evans, J.P. McCory
Abstract:The detection of damage in gear teeth is paramount to any condition monitoring or structural health monitoring (SHM) tool for aerospace power...
  | Authors: Pawel Malinowski, Tomasz Wandowski, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz
Abstract:In presented research a problem that belongs to the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) topic was investigated. Special arrays of active...
  | Authors: R.K. Fruehmann, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, S. Quinn
Abstract:The thermoelastic response obtained from an infra-red (IR) detector contains two components: the magnitude of the small stress induced...
  | Authors: P. Harkness, Andrea Cardoni, J. Russell, Margaret Lucas
Abstract:A number of architectures for a hollow Langevin ultrasonic transducer are proposed and evaluated. One of these is optimised by finite element...
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