Advances in Experimental Mechanics VII

Volumes 24-25

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cristiana Delprete, A. Galeazzi, F. Pregno

Abstract: The work is devoted to study the dynamic properties of a powertrain, performing an experimental modal analysis (EMA). The aim is to...

Authors: I. Herrera, H. Su, Stefan Kaczmarczyk

Abstract: Modelling the dynamic performance of an elevator car system represents a complex task and forms an important step in the elevator system...

Authors: M.C. Voicu, Reinhard Schmidt, B. Lammen, H.H. Hillbrand, I. Maniu

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of printing or coating processes for paper products the velocity of the web and the roller width can be increased....

Authors: G.P. Battams, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, S.W. Boyd

Abstract: The paper describes initial work on using 2D digital image correlation (DIC) and thermoelastic stress analysis (TSA) to obtain data from...

Authors: Dominique Choqueuse, Peter Davies, Dominique Perreux, Laurent Sohier, Jean Yves Cognard

Abstract: Ultra Deep offshore oil exploitation (down to 3000 meters depth) presents new challenges to offshore engineering and operating companies....

Authors: Jeremie Viguié, P.J.J. Dumont, P. Vacher, Laurent Orgéas, I. Desloges, E. Mauret

Abstract: Corrugated boards with small flutes appear as good alternatives to replace packaging folding boards or plastic materials due their small...

Authors: C. Devivier, Daniel Thompson, Fabrice Pierron, M.R. Wisnom

Abstract: This paper studies the effect of delaminations on strain maps for a simple cantilever beam. The aim is to build an experimental set-up which...

Authors: Michael R.L. Gower, Richard M. Shaw

Abstract: This paper details work undertaken towards the development of a standard test method for the biaxial response of planar cruciform specimens...

Authors: Claudia Garza, Anthony G. Deakin, G.R. Jones, J.W. Spencer, K.K.B. Hon

Abstract: The present contribution describes a chromatic processing approach for quantifying the two dimensional, polychromatic interference patterns...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, Mark J. Eaton, S.L. Evans, Karen M. Holford, Rhys Pullin, Matthew Cole

Abstract: The effect of lightning attachment to structures and vehicles is a cause of major concern to a number of different industries, in particular...


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