Wavefront Aberration Correction with Conjugated Combination Models of Zernike Modes


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In view of the coupling relationship between the Zernike modes over the concentric circle domain within the unit circle and the wavefront counteraction of those coupling modes within the reconstruction pupil region, the linear combination models of Zernike modes are presented. The modes in each model share with negative correlation, same coefficient sign and prescribed amount. Finally, the experiments are implemented on AO system, the results show that it’s feasible and advantageous to use the combination models in the process of aberration correction.



Edited by:

Prasad Yarlagadda and Yun-Hae Kim




S. S. Niu et al., "Wavefront Aberration Correction with Conjugated Combination Models of Zernike Modes", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 241-244, pp. 847-851, 2013

Online since:

December 2012




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