Design for Incline Impact Testing Machine


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Focusing on the actual demands from the packaging laboratory on the incline impact testing machine and the characteristics of the incline impact, a new incline testing machine with flexible impact panel has been designed. It firstly introduces the overall project design for the instrument, then gives detailed introduction to the major parts such as the winch, impact incline, impact panel, car, support and so on from the following three aspects, namely the design idea, design approach and design result, finally illustrates the assembly and usage for all the parts of the instrument. As for t this instrument in this paper, first place the impact panel horizontally, then under the drag of the winch, the car will be lifted slowly at a constant speed and the impact panel will be lifted to be perpendicular to the incline by the hydraulic cylinder. The design for this instrument has a great significance in the experimental teaching for packaging engineering and related scientific researches.



Edited by:

Fangyin Cheng and Yan Ma




L. Cao and Y. Yuan, "Design for Incline Impact Testing Machine", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 246-247, pp. 782-785, 2013

Online since:

December 2012





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