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Authors: Guo Nian Yao, Jun Hu Wei, Hao Sun, Guo Ji Sun
Abstract:In order to improve the measuring accuracy and efficiency of projectiles’ centroidal deviation, the working principle and the relevant...
Authors: Yong Jian Zhao, Bio Qiang Liu
Abstract:Biomedical signals are a rich source of information about physiological processes, but they are often contaminated by noise. In order to...
Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, De Lin Qin, Wen Tong Yang, Tao Hou, Li Gang Cai
Abstract:This paper summarizes and analyzes several construction methods of a list of common materials, proposes a new type of path-based BOM...
Authors: Qun Li Wu
Abstract:From the perspective of maximizing the economic growth rate, this paper examined the optimal size of China’s fiscal expenditure with...
Authors: Wei Jun Wang, Chang Huan Tu
Abstract:Enterprise sustainable development emphasizes coordination of the development of economy, environment and society. The life cycle cost based...
Authors: Bo Yang, Guo Liang Zhang, Bin Jing
Abstract:This article proposed a rapid mobile robot self-localization method based on laser data, encoder data and azimuth compass data. This method...
Authors: Guo Nian Yao, Hai Ying Huang, Jun Hu Wei, Guo Ji Sun
Abstract:In order to verify the fitting degree of whole vehicle simulation modeling and practical vibration, the transportation truck subsystem...
Authors: Jin Ling Wei, Zheng Zeng, Jun Meng, Hao Zhou
Abstract:Power load is significant for the power system load forecasting, system planning, and so on. Because of its subject to weather, climate and...
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