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Authors: Guo Nian Yao, Jun Hu Wei, Hao Sun, Guo Ji Sun
Abstract: In order to improve the measuring accuracy and efficiency of projectiles’ centroidal deviation, the working principle and the relevant calculation formulae based on three points method are described in detail, the main factors affecting precision are discussed and quantitative analysis on precision of the equipment is made. The measuring platform with automatic leveling and locating based on the arc locating and so on are put forward to reduce error. The experimental results show that the system can satisfy the requirement for measuring with high accuracy. The equipment plays a very important role in testing ordnance, especially for measuring regular projectiles.
Authors: Yong Jian Zhao, Bio Qiang Liu
Abstract: Biomedical signals are a rich source of information about physiological processes, but they are often contaminated by noise. In order to separate biomedical signals from mixtures effectually, we propose a novel blind source extraction method via independent component analysis (ICA). The robustness with respect to noise of this method lies in two-fold: on the one hand, the method does not lead to biassed estimates and, on the other hand, it minimizes the amount of signal and noise interference on the estimated sources. Preliminary results tested with ECG signals have demonstrated that the proposed method may be promising for blindly separating biomedical signals in the presence of noise and further decompose the mixed signals into subcomponents.
Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, De Lin Qin, Wen Tong Yang, Tao Hou, Li Gang Cai
Abstract: This paper summarizes and analyzes several construction methods of a list of common materials, proposes a new type of path-based BOM construction methods, improve BOM arithmetic to achieve BOM traversal algorithm. The BOM structure and its traversal algorithm are applied to data management platform of heavy-duty machine tool, which improve the operational efficiency of data management platform.
Authors: Qun Li Wu
Abstract: From the perspective of maximizing the economic growth rate, this paper examined the optimal size of China’s fiscal expenditure with theoretical and empirical methods. First, the paper established a Pure Public Goods Model, based on which it further estimated that during the period of 1978-2006, China’s optimal size of fiscal expenditure is about 21.82-27.28 percent of GDP. Judging by this optimal criterion, it finally divided China's policy development into three stages: (1) the higher-size stage (1978-1992); (2) the lower-size stage (1993-1999); (3) the optimal-size stage (2000-2006)
Authors: Wei Jun Wang, Chang Huan Tu
Abstract: Enterprise sustainable development emphasizes coordination of the development of economy, environment and society. The life cycle cost based on the sustainable development controls the engineering cost as well as environmental pollution and damage. The thermal power plant burns large amount of fossil fuels and discharge pollutants which cause serious pollution. Therefore the pollution control and ecological conservation make up important parts of construction and production cost, both of which are key parts of life cycle cost. This paper uses analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to estimate the life cycle cost and helps the enterprise to make social or temporal comparison and potentiality exploitation and to improve its sustainable development capability.
Authors: Bo Yang, Guo Liang Zhang, Bin Jing
Abstract: This article proposed a rapid mobile robot self-localization method based on laser data, encoder data and azimuth compass data. This method can avoid tremendous error from pure mileage integral, and tremendous compute task from pure laser data registration after extract laser character. It only based on the similarity of adjacent laser data after pretreatment, then syncretized the estimated rotation angel and parallel displacement from encoder and azimuth compass, find the best transform with quasi Newton method. At last the mobile robot self-localization was realized. Experiment result demonstrated the reliability of this method.
Authors: Guo Nian Yao, Hai Ying Huang, Jun Hu Wei, Guo Ji Sun
Abstract: In order to verify the fitting degree of whole vehicle simulation modeling and practical vibration, the transportation truck subsystem simulation models are established and the whole vehicle virtual model is assembled with ADAMS software based on multi-body dynamics theory and virtual prototyping. The documents of rural road are created in the MATLAB with harmonic superposition principle according to the description of pavements in different grades in the national standard. Through loading road documents, the obtained vibration spectrums are compared with the measured spectrums. The RMS(Root of Mean Square) of the virtual test inosculates basically with the RMS of practical running-in test in each test point by analyzing. It shows that the simulation experimental results have enough reliability and the established virtual prototyping can be used as a basis for structural design of vibration simulation system.
Authors: Jin Ling Wei, Zheng Zeng, Jun Meng, Hao Zhou
Abstract: Power load is significant for the power system load forecasting, system planning, and so on. Because of its subject to weather, climate and the impact of social systems, it shows complex nonlinear characteristics. Especially when the electricity market is established, its nonlinear dynamics is also guided by the market mechanism. Facing to this, a study is done based on the load data of a certain node in Zhejiang Province grid, extracted its Hurst exponent and the box dimension, calculated the maximum Lyapunov exponent and the K entropy. It proves the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of power load under electricity market, and reconstructs its phase space.

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