Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Qing Yuan, You Quan He, Jian Ping Li, He Zhang, Chun Fang Chang

Abstract: To resolve the problem of degaussing of the magnetic pump, a new drive device is designed, consist of external magnetic rotor,isolation...

Authors: Yan Xia Cheng, Na Li

Abstract: The paper, referencing the idea of collaboration and share of Grid and Grid Management, aiming at the limitations of the traditional model...

Authors: Fu Qing Zhao, Chun Miao Wei

Abstract: X-corner detection is widely used in camera calibration. In this paper, a new algorithm for X-corner detection is proposed to cope with the...

Authors: Fu Qing Zhao, Jian Hua Zou, Ya Hong Yang

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed a new hybrid approach, combining ANN and DE(Differential Evolution), for job-shop scheduling. Job-shop scheduling...

Authors: Yong Sheng Ren, Xiang Hong Du, Wen Li Yao

Abstract: The free vibration model of a rotating composite thin-walled closed-section beams is presented in this paper. The two-dimensional...

Authors: Deng Wan Li, Hong Tao Chen, Ming Heng Xu, Cheng Ming Zhong

Abstract: In order to explore the cutting rules and optimize the cutting parameters of titanium alloy, multiple sets of test parameters were schemed...

Authors: Yu Fei Wang, Lin He, Xue Yang

Abstract: A semi-active shock isolation technology with magnetorheological devices was systematically studied. The magnetorheological devices consist...

Authors: Wei She, Hong Li, Guo Qing Yu, Rui Deng

Abstract: How to construct the “appropriate” split hyper-plane in test nodes is the key of building decision trees. Unlike a univariate decision tree,...

Authors: Zheng Yuan Jia, Zhou Fan, Miao Miao Jiang

Abstract: Comprehensive evaluation of distribute network planning is a multi-factors decision-making problem in complicated system. Combining with the...

Authors: Jing Chen, Shao Xiang Hao, Xun Fan

Abstract: The main failure forms of oilstone forming die is serious wear on the work face, so the key point to extend the use life of die is how to...


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