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Authors: Xin Yu Song, Jun Zhao
Abstract:TiAlN/TiN multilayer PVD coated carbide is one of the dominant tool materials for the turning applications of Inconel 718 due to its high...
Authors: Xian Yue Gang, Yue Han, Shu Feng Wang
Abstract:Acceleration time, as an important dynamic performance index of an automobile, is classified as acceleration time of shift and acceleration...
Authors: Xian Yue Gang, Fan Zhang, Yue Han
Abstract:The forward push lifting mechanism of a dump truck is simplified to a combination of a four-bar linkage and a triangular arm. Based on...
Authors: Yong Hua Guan, Hai Fang Cheng, Yong Ye
Abstract:Due to limited materials and energy, more attention has been paid to the adverse impacts of the global economy’s rapid development on the...
Authors: Xian Yue Gang, Cui Hua He, Shu Feng Wang, Yue Han
Abstract:Based on the theory of linear transformation and vector operations, an explicit analysis method is proposed for walking-beam oil pumping...
Authors: Lei Wang, Hai Peng Liang, Wei Guo, Jie Lv
Abstract:In this paper, The author researched the integrated management of quality control processes in manufacturing network using workflow and...
Authors: Dong Ji Xuan, Zhen Zhe Li, Tai Hong Cheng, Yun De Shen
Abstract:The output power efficiency of the fuel cell system depends on the anode pressure, cathode pressure, temperature, demanded current, air and...
Authors: Bing Liu, Feng Hu Wang, An Ying Jiao, Jian Ping Sun, Xiao Dong Zhu
Abstract:The wheat straw was pretreated using heat-treatment and water action and then diversified flat weave experiments were performed. Effects of...
Authors: Jing Ben Yin, Kun Li, Hong Wei Jiao, Yong Qiang Chen
Abstract:In this paper, we proposed an algorithm to globally solve a class of mathematical problems in mechanical system. Firstly, by utilizing...
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