Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cai Feng Du

Abstract: We proposed a random network model to describe complex systems. The model is solved exactly by mean-field method and differential equation....

Authors: Lin Ling Zhang, Ya Li, Yi Bing Chen, Xiao Wang, Jun Li, Yun Feng Shi, Yong Shi

Abstract: In order to improve ERP implement efficiency. This paper uses knowledge sharing theory to analyze three stages of EPR implements. Based on...

Authors: Ze Qiang Zhang, Wen Ming Cheng

Abstract: The basic U-shaped line balancing problem (ULBP) model usually needs to be extended in order to solve real-world line balancing problems....

Authors: Li Fa Han, Sheng Guan Qu

Abstract: The wear characteristics and life of Al2O3/(W,Ti)C ceramic tool in turning NbCp-reinforced iron-based P/M composites was investigated....

Authors: Li Bin Zhu, Bo Han, Ji You Gu, Yan Hua Zhang, Hai Yan Tan, Ying Feng Zuo

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to manufacture water-resistance plywood with using UF resin modified by emulsifiable polyisocyanate. The...

Authors: Yan Hua Zhang, Ji You Gu, Hai Yan Tan, Li Bin Zhu, Jun Shen

Abstract: In this study the effect of isocyanate at room temperature on the curing behavior of PVAc was investigated. Crosslinking reactions are one...

Authors: Ji You Gu, Ying Feng Zuo, Yan Hua Zhang, Hai Yan Tan, Li Bin Zhu, Jun Shen

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to manufacture plywood using starch adhesives modified by isocyanate, the influence factors on the bonding...

Authors: Hai Yu Huang, Wen Zhang

Abstract: Researches on Destination Marketing System (DMS) now still have problems addressed both in the fundamental theory and operation practice....

Authors: Zhan Xun Dong, Zhen Yu Gu, Zhan Wei Wu

Abstract: Computer-Aided Ergonomics (CAE) makes it possible that people may build a virtual environment for ergonomics evaluation in the product’s...

Authors: Hui Jin, Kenan Wang, Hai Ying Zheng

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of optimizing production schedules of multiproduct continuous manufacturing facilities where a wide range...


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