Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Yi Fang, Yan Jun Wang

Abstract: Jet fuel supply chains are increasingly becoming agile. To build agile supply chains, jet fuel companies first need to have access to a...

Authors: Xiao Zhen Du, Hong Yu

Abstract: This paper presents a theory model based on the vibration and piezoelectric coupling mechanism. The aim is to discuss the optimization...

Authors: Dong Yuan Ge, Xi Fan Yao, Wen Jiang Xiang, Ying Zhi Gu

Abstract: A new approach for straightness fitting of micro-drill’s main lips is proposed. While its chips are measured, micro-drill’s projective...

Authors: Bin Yang, Xian Bing Wu, Zhi Hua Hu

Abstract: Accurate demand forecasts are critical for logistics enterprises to improve the efficiency of their resource usage. Demand forecasts of...

Authors: Xia Hui Gui, Jiong Tian Liu, Xiu Xiang Tao, Yi Jun Cao, Yong Tian Wang

Abstract: Aim at high-to-float high-ash fine coal with large content of granules, in order to reduce pollution of carried fine slime to quality of...

Authors: Dong Ji Xuan, Qian Ning, Zhen Zhe Li, Tai Hong Cheng, Yun De Shen

Abstract: Based on the Matlab/Simulink module modeling for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle was carried out, which is comprised of the fuel cell...

Authors: Zhi Jun Rong, Bao Sheng Ying, Bin Bin Dan

Abstract: The recent advance in information technologies has the potential to greatly enhance product development, and to make distributed designers,...

Authors: Bi Zhong Xia, Xue Ling Wang, Ping Fa Feng

Abstract: A pneumatic motor based on the principle of reaction micro turbine has been developed with a rotor diameter of 24 mm. The turbine motor...

Authors: X.L. Chen, C.A. Wheeler, T.J. Donohue, A.W. Roberts

Abstract: “Passive” dust control systems for belt conveyor transfer stations have become increasingly popular in recent years. Effective design...

Authors: Jun Zhou, Rong Di Han

Abstract: Knowing the stringent operating conditions to which superalloys are subjected to in automobile, aerospace and gas turbine industries, the...


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