Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Tao Xia, Tao Mei Lv

Abstract: Based on the chaos theory, the adding-weight one-rank local-region method was applied to predict the time series of the rolling bearing...

Authors: Yan Jie Li, Zhen Wei Wu

Abstract: The dynamic modeling of a six-leg-wheel hybrid mobile robot was built using ADAMS software in this paper. Using the ADAMS model, the...

Authors: Tie Neng Guo, Ling Li, Li Gang Cai, Zhi Feng Liu

Abstract: The stiffness and damping of mechanical joint are modeled by the zero thickness joint interfaces theory. The method is applied to analyze...

Authors: Jin Tian, Ting Di Zhao

Abstract: The problems of quality management (QM) in traditional consecutive development were analyzed, and it was pointed out that there were...

Authors: Zong Meng, Feng Jie Fan, Bin Liu

Abstract: This article established a new combining hierarchy genetic algorithm and multivariate linear regression model of WNN (wavelet neural...

Authors: Zhi Xue Yang

Abstract: Transaction cost is one of these costs, but mostly mentioned with trade barriers. The trade barrier, also called tariff barracks or non-...

Authors: Xu Zheng, Zhi Yong Hao

Abstract: The vibration signal of diesel engine is typically non-stationary and time-varying signal, with complicated transient components. With...

Authors: Wen Jie Zhang, Mei Ling Hu, Jia Wei Bai, Hong Li

Abstract: Photoelectrochemical (PEC) degradation of Procion Red MX-5B was investigated in aqueous NaCl solutions. PEC degradation efficiencies showed...

Authors: Tao Wang, Shao Rong Yu, Xiao Ya Zheng, Duo Zhang

Abstract: The theoretical value of bolt pre-tightening torque coefficient is typically 0.2 on load boundary condition simulations.A set of measuring...

Authors: Yun Fei Ma, Pei Feng Niu, Xiao Fei Ma

Abstract: The puzzle over the recognition of the quality of the Chaotic Dynamics based on single variable time series brings forward the new method of...


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