Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Bing Meng, Xiao Juan Dong, Wen Ji Xu

Abstract: The beam form has a direct effect on the quality and efficiency of flexible forming using a combined plasma arc. But it is difficult to...

Authors: Yong Wang, Tian De, Ji Hong Liu

Abstract: The chaotic adaptive ant colony optimization algorithm (CAACO) is proposed to seek the optimal or near-optimal assembly sequences of...

Authors: Zhi Xun Sun, Jie Lin

Abstract: To deal with the result data of the supply-chain simulation, such as data storage, analysis and display, a data system based on agent has...

Authors: Bin Wan, Xin Bin Hu, Shi Jie Dong, Zhong Hou Liu, Mao Zhang, Ning Hong Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the control method of current gain compensation for welding is adopted. Precise current gain curves (i.e., current step...

Authors: Yong Feng Yin, Bin Liu, Guo Qi Li, Zhi Wang

Abstract: Embedded software testing is a hot topic in software testing field. It is a challenge to enhance the generalization, portability, and...

Authors: Ke Fan Xie, Gang Chen, Qian Wu

Abstract: As to a manufacturing enterprise, emergency event is inevitable. As its technology specificity and exclusiveness, expert plays an important...

Authors: Jin Tao Wang, Zi Yong Liu, Long Zhang, Li Gong Guo, Xue Song Bao, Lin Tong

Abstract: The precision measurement of vertical tank volume is one of key problems for the international trade of liquefied petroleum products. One...

Authors: Ya Ning Lin

Abstract: Special matrices play an important role in matrix analysis and matrix computation more and more. So it can give improvements by great...

Authors: Bao Liang Hu

Abstract: Combined with the deep case study of Wahaha, this paper probe into the issue of enterprise heterogeneous information systems(IS) resources...

Authors: Jin Li Wang

Abstract: Thesis firstly defines supply chain content, then learn from theory of supply chain factors to determine the effective operation of supply...


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